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Make the most of that windy weather

Here in the UK, we like to complain about any bad weather we get. But that wind, often a pain if you want a good day out, is a blessing if you transform its energy with a wind turbine.

We sell and install a range of different types of turbines, to suit all dwellings and needs. Installations are quick and painless and are fully guaranteed for the first 5 years. Your turbine will earn you a good financial return; before long it'll have paid for itself.

Case Studies

 Wind turbines on farmland

Catch the wind and put it to good work
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Turbines for the home

Several of our turbines are small and cheap enough to suit both rural and urban homes. They'll generate enough wind energy to run your property and a combined saving and income of about £2,000 a year.

The Evance 9000 Turbine gives you over 900kW per month, and only costs £35,000 to install.

 A wind turbine

Farms, estates and small businesses

For smaller properties, the Evance 9000 Turbine can work well. But for reliable and powerful energy outputs, it’s worth investing in the Evoco 10kW Turbine. The Evoco pays for itself faster than any of our other turbines, with an incredible estimated payback time of less than 3 years.

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Large farms, estates, businesses and communities

For more demanding needs, we have a range of extremely durable high-end turbines. We can help you to work out which you need, with Bergey, Seaforth and GHRE turbines ranging from 10kW to 100.

Payback time is low, you could save/earn up to £80,000 a year and you’ll generate enough power to keep a whole village going. It’s a great investment for isolated, remote communities – one you can all be proud of.

Based in Stow, we serve Edinburgh, Glasgow and the whole of the UK.


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