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Let the sun warm your water

Hot water is an essential commodity in homes and workplaces. The good news is that you can generate it without producing harmful greenhouse gases. You don't have to rely on gas or electricity.

Solar thermal panels work by absorbing heat from sunlight. The solar-heated water is fed into your water system, where it can be stored in your existing tank. It's best to get used to taking your showers later in the day though!


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Bask in the sun's warmth
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Carbon-free heat

When heat is captured from the sun’s light, no carbon is released or stored. This means that your hot water will be completely safe for the planet and won’t contribute to global warming.

Even in cold months, when the panels are less effective, they can still heat the water some of the way. You'll have to supplement it with your regular gas or electric boiler, but it'll have less work to do and will cause less pollution.

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Save and make money

As sunlight is a limitless and free resource, you’ll save massively on your energy bills once this system has been installed.

Even better, from 2014 you could earn money for the heat you generate! The government is introducing the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which means you’ll get paid for the heat you generate as long as you meet certain standards. We’ll make sure you qualify!

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Use with your existing systems

Did you know that most conventional boilers and hot water systems are compatible with solar water heating? That means that you probably won’t have to replace your boiler. The only installation will be the thermal panels themselves.

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