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 Solar panels on a tiled roof

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Turn sunlight into electricity

If plants can run on sunlight, why shouldn’t we? It’s the most basic and essential natural resource available to us. With solar panel technology, we’re able to take that solar energy and convert it into electricity.

You may think that the UK is too cloudy for solar panels, yet they have a good track record of supplementing the electricity supplies for homes across the country. Although they work best in the south, it’s surprising how well they perform even through cloud cover.

Case Studies

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Convert to solar
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Clean and free

Solar energy is renewable and clean. It won’t run out, and it doesn’t release CO2 emissions into the air. This means that your solar panels won’t pollute the atmosphere or contribute to global warming.

Just as sunbathing is free, it’s free to use your solar panels to harvest solar energy. Once the initial installation is complete, you’ll have minimal costs, as the systems last for between 25 and 30 years.

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Earn as you generate

Converting to renewable energy often seems like a big expense. But with the Feed-In Tariff, you’ll get paid for the electricity you generate.

While you sell the electricity you don’t need to the National Grid, you’ll also get paid for the electricity you do use – all because you generated it yourself, cleanly and renewably!

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Upgrade for more power

A typical solar panel system will produce enough electricity to satisfy three-quarters of your household needs. More powerful systems are available and they are typically much more efficient. Pound for pound, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Based in Stow, we serve Edinburgh, Glasgow and the whole of the UK.


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