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A mountain stream

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Let the water of life bring light

Water is one of our most essential resources; there would be no life on earth without it. But as well as being used for drinking, washing and recreation, water can be used to generate electricity.

When most people think about hydro-electric power, they’re thinking of enormous dams. But as long as you have a stream with a reasonable downhill flow, you can benefit from a hydro generator. You can get efficient and effective energy generation from quite a small generator, and can feed your energy to a single building, a small estate or the National Grid.

Case Studies

Water pouring over a small weir

Completely clean hydro-electric power
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Two arrows chasing each other in a circle

How it works

With hydro-electric power generation, the first step is to divert some of the flow from the main stream or river. Fish and debris stay in the main stream, and the clear water is passed down a pipe and into a powerhouse. There, the water turns the turbine and generates electricity before being released back into the original stream.

A graphic of a water droplet

A good fit for you?

If you’ve got a stream or pond, you may be able to use hydro-electric power. We’ll come out to your property to check, as it’ll depend on a complex interplay of water flow and gradient (how steep the stream is).

Unlike most renewable energy generators, installing a micro hydro project requires planning permission. But don’t worry; we can help you to fill out the application, so you’ll have the best chance of being approved.

A pound sign

Balancing the books

5kW systems can cost around £25,000 and 15kW systems are closer to £50,000, but it’s hard to be precise as the cost for each site will be different.

However, if you’ve got a stream that flows all year round, you’ll find your turbine will save you a lot of money. Hydro-electric generators are eligible for the Feed-In Tariff, so you’ll earn money for all the hydro electricity you generate – even the electricity you use!

Based in Stow, we serve Edinburgh, Glasgow and the whole of the UK.


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