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Increasing natural heat

The air, the earth, water – these elements all contain heat energy, and we can harness it for green home heating, or heating in the workplace. Heat pumps take that heat energy and amplify it, boosting it to a higher level so we can use it. They can be installed in most properties, although they are most effective in buildings with under-floor heating.

Heat pumps generate less CO2 than conventional heating and can save you money on your heating bills. They’ll pay for themselves quicker than ever once the Renewable Heat Incentive comes into play in 2014.


 A fan outside a building

Get heat from nature
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 A fan

A load of hot air

Air source heat pumps are the cheapest kind of heat pumps, and are the easiest to install. They look and behave like air conditioning units.

There are two types. Air-to-water systems work with your radiators and hot water systems. Air-to-air systems work with fans – they can’t produce hot water for you, but in the summer, you can reverse the system and use it to keep cool.

 A graphic of a house with a lightbulb-like filament below it

In that quiet earth

Ground source heat pumps – you guessed it! – harness heat from the ground. Underneath the surface, you can barely notice the seasons passing, and the temperature stays much the same throughout the year. If you don’t want to rely on non-renewable energy in the winter, a ground source heat pump is the right option for you.

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Get zero carbon emissions

Although heat pumps require electricity to run, they are extremely efficient. For every unit of electricity used, they generate three units of heat!

Want to make sure that you’re as green as you can be? For completely green heating, install a method of green electricity generation, like wind or solar.

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