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 Wood chippings and leaf litter

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What’s biomass and what can we do with it?

Looking for a low-carbon way of generating heat and electricity in your home or business premises? A biomass generator could be the best answer for you.

Biomass is plant material, like wood, which can be burned as logs, woodchip or pellets. Plant material naturally releases carbon as it decomposes, so using it as fuel is considerably less harmful to the environment than using coal, oil or gas.

Case Studies

 Biomass fuel being burnt

Wood is a great source of electricity and heat
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 A graphic of a flame inside a building

Different types of boilers

Biomass boilers work like gas boilers – the only real difference is the fuel. They can be used to heat your whole home and provide you with hot water.

Depending on your energy needs and the fuel available, we'll recommend the best boiler for you. They range from 25kW home boilers to an incredible 1mW – enough to power a small farm. The 1mW boiler also runs for 12 hours on a single load, meaning you won’t be constantly refilling it either.

 A graphic of a tree

Significant savings

Naturally, biomass boilers are cheapest if you have access to a ready and free supply of plant material. Even if you don’t, you’ll save whenever you use these fantastic machines.

Wood pellets and woodchip, which can be bought from garden centres or timber merchants, are really cheap. You'll make dramatic savings compared to the gas and mains electricity you've been relying on so far.

 A graphic of a chart with an upwards trend

Optimise the output

These biomass systems work best in properties with under-floor heating. Additionally, you should make sure that your property doesn't leak energy through draughts or poor insulation – otherwise, you’ll be wasting a lot of fuel. Even at a low price, you don’t want to do that. Talk to us about an energy assessment; we can help improve the energy efficiency of your property.

Based in Stow, we serve Edinburgh, Glasgow and the whole of the UK.


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