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Save energy, save money, save the environment

Energy efficiency is a huge concern in this day and age, and it's not just because energy prices are rising. There's growing certainty in the scientific community that our energy consumption and generation are causing long-term and lasting damage to the environment.

You can save money and the environment by installing renewable energy generators. Plus, whether you're using traditional or renewable energy sources, we have some energy-saving tips for you. You may be surprised by how much energy and money you're just throwing away!


 Someone pressing a switch

Even simple measures save energy and money
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 A thermometer

Control the temperature

If you don't already have one, get a room thermostat. You'll save around £70 a year as you'll be able to decide when you want the heating to come on, where you want the heating to act and how warm you'd like it to be. Remember, turning your thermostat down by just one degree saves an average of £65 a year.

 The sun

Keep the heat in and the cold out

One of the main causes of energy waste is draughts. It's easy for warm air to escape through gaps around doors, windows, floors and chimneys. You can get draught-proofing products for all these, including specialised draught excluders for your chimney. In about two years, you'll have saved more than you spent on draught-proofing.

 A home with a scarf around it

Wrap your home in a blanket

Most heat energy is lost through the ceiling. If you don't have any loft insulation at all, get some - you could save up to £180 a year! Astonishing!

Think you're alright, because you've already got some? You could probably top it up further, and save even more. 27cm is the recommended thickness, making the most savings for the smallest investment.

 A T-shirt and scarf

Keep your boiler cosy

Insulation is important for your water system, too. Your hot water tank and the surrounding pipework could be wrapped in a "jacket", and then it'll lose less heat - losing you less money! The materials cost a measly £25, and you'll save around £60 a year. Bargain!

 A plug and socket

Turn it off, whenever you can

It's easy to get lazy and leave appliances on, rather than turning them off whenever you stop using them. Try not to be lazy! Turning off a light for just a few seconds saves more energy than it takes to switch the light on again. This applies to loads of appliances. Except for TV recorders, you should turn off anything you're not using. The planet and your pocket will both thank you for it!

 A kettle

Be sensible

People often waste energy by using their electric appliances when there's just no need. You don't need to use your tumble dryer if it's sunny outside. You don't need to fill your kettle to the top when you're only making one cup of tea. As a nation, we waste £68million a year by overfilling our kettles!

 A lightbulb

See the light

Changed from traditional light bulbs to energy saving ones? Great! But did you know that there's now an even better type of light bulb? Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs) do an incredible job.

There's a huge range in most supermarkets and DIY stores. Changing the bulbs would cost around £125 for the average household, but they'll last you a long time and you'll save about £60 a year.

 A showerhead

Mind your head

The average family could save around £75 a year with an eco-showerhead. It'll cut your hot water use without subjecting you to cold showers, and some water companies are giving them away for free.

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