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 A house in the middle of a field, under a sunny sky

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Above and beyond the call of duty

At Ecofitter, we mean what we say. Renewable energy is for everyone, so if your property doesn’t suit any of the common generators, we’ll look into more creative ways of getting you green and setting you up with an energy-efficient home.

We’re not just going to rest on our laurels, either. We're constantly exploring new ways of reducing carbon footprints, working towards a healthier world for everybody.


 Wind turbines and solar panels

At the forefront of green engineering
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 The proposed site of the new hydro generator

Hydro power

When we hear "hydro power", we tend to think of enormous dams holding back vast reservoirs of water. But for a small estate near Peebles, we're installing a small 15Kw micro-hydro turbine. That's right - even a small mountain stream can be harnessed and used to produce clean energy.

Providing free energy, the hydro turbine won't take long to pay for itself. Reservoir water, held back by a dam, is transported along pipes to a powerhouse, where the turbine is housed. Anyone with a hydro power generator can either export their electricity to the grid or use it as a private supply for homes or businesses.

 The straw bale house being worked on

Straw homes

Did you know that straw is actually one of the very best building materials? It may seem surprising, but straw really does provide excellent insulating qualities. With a sturdy wooden frame and an insulating, environmentally-friendly turf roof, the straw home we’ve been building for farmer George Young will last forever.

Even the floor is eco-friendly, as it’s laid with lime rather than concrete. We’re going to fit renewable energy generators to the property once it’s completed. Our hope is that, with this creation, we’ll show that you can build beautiful, unique and long-lasting homes without causing any damage to the environment.

Solar panel

Ground-mounted PV

It’s not always possible to put solar panels on a roof – it’s not allowed for listed buildings and sometimes the roof isn’t facing the best direction. In these cases, we’ve installed panels on the ground.

Installing panels on the ground brings its own problems, but we’re experienced enough to handle them. Our recent project in a rural home, the panels needed to be installed on top of a spoil heap from a previous demolition – that made digging for the cable a little tricky! But we managed it, and the solar panels are working splendidly.

 A wind turbine ready to be erected on a hill

High on the hills

The best place to put a wind turbine is, of course, on the top of a hill. It makes construction a little trickier though! Getting our vehicles and the turbine parts up a certain hill in the Scottish Borders wasn't easy. When digging the cables, we just dug up a huge pile of rocks!

But it all worked out in the end. It only took a day to lay the foundations and, a month later, only took a day to install the wind turbine. It’s worked so well that the owners of the farm asked us to install two more! And all those rocks? Well, nothing goes to waste, and we found a great use for them.

 Solar thermal installations on a domestic roof

Sunbathing in Scotland

We've installed solar thermal panels for dozens of households in Scotland and the UK. Pictured is a farmhouse in Selkirkshire; despite the traditional roof, the installation is secure and doesn't diminish the look of the building.

The people living in this farmhouse now have free heating from March right through to September, sometimes even stretching into October. The rest of the year, they still save, as the heat generated by the solar thermal panels means they need to rely on less fossil fuel.

Based in Stow, we serve Edinburgh, Glasgow and the whole of the UK.


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